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  • What is Broadband?
  • How does Broadband work?
  • What are the benefits of Broadband?

What is Broadband?

The simplest way to describe Broadband is a fast, always on Internet connection. It doesn't tie up the phone line unlike normal dial-up. Lots of interesting web sites include streaming information and animations, which won't work well over standard dial up connections. With Broadband you can see them as the web designer intended. A run of the mill modem can reach speeds of up to 56Kbps, and ISDN can achieve speeds of up to 128 Kbps. Broadband on the other hand has the capacity to go up to 40 times the speed of traditional dial up links, opening up a new Internet world in all its glory.

How does Broadband work?

Broadband uses your existing telephone line. Your phone line is being used to send and receive data and make phone calls at the same time. Two modems, one at your end and one at BT's local exchange, carry the signal. A "splitter" or filter, separates the telephone signal from the "DSL signal"; meaning that telephone calls can be made at the same time as the Internet is being used. Ultimately broadband means instant website downloads, bigger email attachments and, best of all, streaming video and music without the hiccups and stutters of narrow bandwidth pipes.

What are the benefits of Broadband?

Benefits for businesses always on and fast (up to 40 x faster than dial-up connections) have a competitive edge over businesses that cannot get broadband doesn't tie up the phone line - use the Internet and use the phone at the same time significantly reduced costs of connecting multiple PC's to the Internet - no more need for leased lines and costly ISDN connections email arrives instantly - no more dialing up to collect or send email you can pitch for new business remotely by emailing large file presentations fixed monthly fee includes all internet call charges, so you can budget more confidently fast downloading and uploading of large files cut courier costs by exchanging large data files (eg pictures, presentations, audio and video files) online with customers and suppliers filling in online forms or updating web sites becomes much easier can increase productivity and reduce frustration permanent online presence for marketing instant notification of orders connect different offices collect and send documents from home whenever required instant financial transactions able to use services from Application Service Providers who provide software for use online videoconferencing.